The Progressive Dilemma, Update

Back on March 16 I wrote here about “The Progressive Dilemma,” by which I meant the liberals who were starting to wake up to the fact that the rapacity of public employee unions was threatening to undermine the welfare state itself by pillaging the funding for social service programs.
Today the indispensable Dan Henniger notes in his weekly “Wonderland” column in the Wall Street Journal more of this kind of thinking spreading to liberals even in San Francisco, even including the legendary Willie Brown. Dan quotes the lead public defender in Baghdad by the Sea, Jeff Adachi:

“I’m seen as a liberal progressive, a rage against the machine person,” he said this past week at his offices downtown. “If you care about social programs or the network of support services, you have to understand that pensions and benefit costs are crowding out all these services.”

Wonderland, indeed.
Speaking of the Wall Street Journal, keep your eye out on the editorial page tomorrow. One of Power Line’s recent new contributors (hint, hint) will be making an appearance, smacking down Obama’s no-energy speech from yesterday. Not that it needs more smacking down after John’s post yesterday. But why take chances.


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