The Progressive Dilemma, Update 2

Continuing the musings I’ve posted before here and here, this blog item from is worth noting:

What, one wonders, would Democratic governors and mayors do if they did not have Republican governors for comparison? In fact, the wage cuts and increased employee pension contributions being proposed in California, Maryland and New York are actually greater, on a per capita basis, greater than those being pressed by Republicans Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Scott and Chris Christie.
At least New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo hasn’t bothered to invoke Walker or Kasich as a defense of his own assault on “the schoolchildren, the the elderly, the poor, the sick,” as the New York Times described his budget, cuts which pale in comparison to the bite he is taking out of his state’s employees.
Meanwhile, blue cities are experiencing the same thunderstorm of irony as blue states. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles recently reached a deal with unions representing a third of his workforce that will double the amount the workers pay for retirement. His next step is to slug it out with unions representing police, firefighters and others. Back on the East coast, the public employee unions that have pretty much owned the county council of wealthy Montgomery County Maryland stormed the county’s offices last week, denouncing Democratic county executive Ike Legget for demanding more than the $25 million in concessions the unions had offered.

This is called the force of gravity, folks.
(Hat tip: Instapundit.)


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