Sports Desk, Cheesecake Update

Now I know I’m definitely treading on John’s territory here, but by way of Glenn Reynolds I learn of this indispensable list of the 100 most desirable women in sports, many of whom come from the Lingerie Football League, which Glenn didn’t know existed. (He must not channel surf the spectrum of obscure cable sports channels like I do when I’m trying to skip over the umpteenth rerun of “Law and Order: Cliche Scriptwriters Unit.”)
I can’t resist the snark that any of the teams from the Lingerie Football League would have scored better than Butler in the title game Monday night. That has to be the worst performance since those hapless Denver Bronco Super Bowl teams of the late 1980s. “Butlered” is likely to become a synonym for choke.
JOHN adds: The linked article is eye-opening to say the least. My one complaint is that at number 40, Lindsey Vonn was robbed!


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