Prosser Back In Lead

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is now in the canvassing stage, in which precincts and counties review their vote totals and confirm or revise the results that were initially reported. It is not unusual for mistakes to be discovered in this process; indeed, this was the phase in which Norm Coleman lost most of the lead over Al Franken that had been reported on election day.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Winnebago County has revised its vote totals in a manner that nets Justice David Prosser 244 additional votes, which would give him a 40-vote lead statewide. Most likely more changes will be forthcoming, but the message for now is that the race isn’t over yet.
UPDATE: The latest development is that because of a computer error, Waukesha County apparently failed to report vote totals for the entire town of Brookfield, a solidly conservative city. According to this report, adding Brookfield’s votes will give Justice Prosser an additional 7,381 net votes–and, presumably, the election.