Just in time for Passover

Israel is surrounded by genocidal forces that target Israeli civilians and worship their murderers. Last week’s news featured events that prove this point in spades, though our attention is understandably engaged elsewhere at the moment.
This past Thursday an Israeli school bus, painted bright yellow, was hit by fire from the Gaza Strip and at least one child was seriously wounded. The fact that the fire from Gaza did not result in mass murder is pure fortuity. As Barry Rubin points out:

This is not just another terrorist attack but part of a wider strategy. What is strategically significant here is how the bus was attacked. Usually, attacks from the Gaza Strip — either carried out or sanctioned by the Hamas regime there — are by homemade rockets, mortars, or attempted cross-border ground attacks. Deaths and damage are usually random.
In this case, though, the attack was carried out with an advanced anti-tank rocket. In other words, a terrorist deliberately aimed at the bus and fired, hoping to kill the maximum number of children.

The Hamas public relations act on the school bus attack is interesting. According to AFP, Hamas claimed credit for the attack and followed up with at least 45 mortar rounds into southern Israel. On Saturday Hamas said that it did not intend to target the Israeli school bus that it hit two days earlier. Why so shy? Those 45 mortar rounds might just as well have done the trick.
Turning to the north, Israel has Hezbollah to contend with. IPT draws attention to a startling Haaretz report. “Hezbollah plans to empty its storehouse of 40,000 missiles in a new war with Israel, including sending 100 missiles per day toward Tel Aviv,” according to U.S. diplomatic cables that reflect Israeli defense and intelligence assessments. Hezbollah “believes it can maintain that pace for two months, sending 6,000 rockets at Israel’s most populous city. It’s a fraction of the thousands of total number of rockets the terrorist group is prepared to fire at civilian areas.”
To the east lies Israel’s partners for peace among the Palestinian Authority. Just in time for Passover, Omri Ceren observes, linking to an Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs report:

The Palestinian Authority has just honored the terrorist mastermind responsible for the “Passover Massacre,” a terrorist atrocity which claimed the lives of 30 innocent Israeli citizens . . . at Netanya’s Park Hotel on March 27, 2002. . . . [O]n March 28 Issa Karake, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, visited the family of Hamas suicide-bomb mastermind Abbas Al-Sayed, awarding them with an official, festive plaque, in celebration of the anniversary of the massacre.

Ceren reminds readers that the Passover Massacre was the single deadliest attack carried out during the terror war, with 30 killed and 140 injured. Ceren urges readers to check out the full-page spread that the Palestinian Authority’s Al-Hayat newspaper devoted to the ceremony, which is included in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs report linked above.
Each of these recent reports is illustrative of a harsh truth. Israel is an island of civilization in a sea of barbarians and savages of varying motivations mostly related to Islam. The problem is not Jews in this Jerusalem neighborhood or that part of the West Bank, but rather the existence of the national home of the Jewish people. The most charitable interpretation of the Obama administration’s actions is that it is oblivious to this obvious truth.


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