The mask slips, falls to ground, explodes (Keith Ellison edition)

I think I’ve had Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison’s number for quite a while. I took a shot at sizing him up for Weekly Standard readers in “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman,” just before Ellison was elected to Congress in 2006.
What Rep. Vito Marcantonio was to World War II and the Cold War (a Communist tool), Rep. Keith Ellison is to the war on terrorism. One of Ellison’s best friends is Nihad Awad, the head of the Hamas front group unindicted Holy Land Foundation co-conspirator CAIR, and Ellison never misses an opportunity to shill for CAIR.
Rep. Ellison is a Democrat and was of course the first Muslim elected to Congress. We await his identification of the branch of Islam that is aligned with Democratic Party doctrine on gay rights, abortion, feminism, and the other articles of the liberal faith.
Now comes the Investigative Project on Terrorism to bring us “Keith Ellison’s slurs,” reporting on what Keith Ellison had to say last month about the witnesses before Peter King’s committee after the spotlight moved off his own Academy Award-worthy performance. Next time Ellison chokes up on camera he might even be able to produce tears! Practice, practice.
Here is the story the enlightening story the Minneapolis Star Tribune somehow overlooked:

[T]wo days after a House committee hearing on Muslim radicalization, the Minnesota Democrat had a far more hostile tone. In a speech in Rochester Hills, Mich., Ellison made a series of personal attacks against three other witnesses who were on the opposite side of the issue.

  • He seemed to blame Melvin Bledsoe for the actions of his son Carlos, who stands accused of shooting and killing an Army private after converting to Islam and becoming radicalized.
  • A Somali-American who complained about interference from organized Islamist groups while trying to learn about a score of missing young men who turned up with a terrorist group in Somalia was there simply to “diss” the Muslim community in Minneapolis.
  • Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix physician who challenges the Islamist narrative, simply is out to make a buck, Ellison said. . .

Messrs. Bledsoe and Bihi and Dr. Jasser were not amused by Ellison’s comments. According to the IPT, for example, Mr. Bledsoe called Ellison a “fool” and “liar” for trying to deny the insidious nature of jihadist recruiting that is occurring in this country.
Go to the IPT for the rest of the story and for the links, of which the story is chock full.