Young Cons Strike Again

We wrote here about Josh Riddle and Dave Rufful, two Dartmouth students who use rap to spread their message of conservatism and Christianity. Their web site is The Young Conservatives. The Cons are back with a new video that takes on the Obama/Reid/Pelosi money-hemorrhaging spending regime:

The Washington Times interviewed Riddle earlier this month:

GH: Despite continual attacks, insults, and threats against you and Dave, you continue to irk leftists and spread your message. What’s the secret to staying positive as young conservatives?
JR: The positive is being able to look ourselves in the mirror every night knowing we don’t compromise on our morals or principles. We do what we think is right and try and be good role models for younger kids interested in politics. It is important for them to know that people out there are willing to rise above the rhetoric of left v. right, talk about ideas/numbers/founding principles, and attempt to move forward to a society where freedom reigns supreme.


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