Surviving Hell: An Introduction, part 7

Ronald Schutz is a world-class intellectual property litigator at the Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi law firm in Minneapolis. Ron writes regarding a certain book whose official publication date is tomorrow:

Last month when you first wrote about Surviving Hell I immediately bought a copy and read it. What a great book!
I read a lot of books about war and the military because I think they have a lot to teach us and because my son is in the military (now in Afghanistan on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border). Reading this book drove home once again the point that nothing we do is hard and that in our world there really is nothing that can be called a bad day. Another book with the same lesson is Unbroken, which if you haven’t read you should.

When I spoke with Leo last month to come up with a few tidbits for this series I asked him if he had read Unbroken (which I wrote about here). He said he hadn’t and asked if he should. How would you answer that question? I think I should, but he shouldn’t.
David Demro of Appleton, Wisconsin, has posted the following comments on Leo’s book at Amazon:

Before reading this book I had already heard of Leo Thorsness via the History Channel, Discovery Channel and Military Channel for the selflessness and heroism he displayed in the cockpit while dogfighting over Hanoi. Leo is highlighted in The History Channel’s series titled “Dogfights.” See the episode “Long Odds” in Dogfights — The Complete Season One (History Channel) for one of the most exciting, heart-pumping dogfights over the skies of Vietnam.
Leo — if you should happen to read this — you, and men like you, are my heroes and I own EVERY book listed in The Library of Congress pertaining to Vietnam POWs. There is not ONE day that goes by that I do not think about the pain of torture that was endured by these men and it helps me in my own life in dealing with my chronic pain. God Bless you and your loved ones and THANK YOU with all my heart for the sacrifice you made and the suffering you endured during your years in the Hanoi Hilton.

Before falling back a bit overnight, Surviving Hell had reached number 2 yesterday in Amazon’s rankings of books about the Vietnam War. Thanks to all our readers who have supported the book or stuck with me through this series, which I will wrap up with a personal note tomorrow.


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