Support the Freedom Club!

I am a member and past president of the Freedom Club, a group of Twin Cities businessmen and women who have had a significant impact on the politics of my home state over the last 20 years. The club supports conservative political candidates with PAC donations and also makes independent expenditures on their behalf. In November 2010, Republicans took control of both the Minnesota House and the Minnesota Senate; many observers gave the Freedom Club substantial credit for those victories.
Recently, the Freedom Club, historically an unincorporated association, has become a 501(c)(4) entity, which enhances its ability to be a force for good in Minnesota politics. The club is currently running television ads across Minnesota to encourage opposition to Governor Mark Dayton’s proposed spending and tax increases:

If more money can be raised, a similar ad will be broadcast on the radio. The club’s new web site is called Let’s Fix Minnesota. You can go here to contribute to the Freedom Club. I would encourage you to do so, whether you live in Minnesota or not. The Freedom Club is one of the most effective advocates for liberty in Minnesota. If your state doesn’t have a group like the Freedom Club, you should consider starting one. It is a good model for conservatives across the country.


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