Zombie Time

President Obama spent last week doing the one thing he is really good at: raising money. The good news for the president is that the Bay Area is a gold mine for fundraising; the bad news is that Zombie lives there. She figured out the president’s itinerary and recorded his visit to San Francisco; you can see the photos here.
Zombie also posted this video, made by a Tea Party member named Steve Kemp. She points out that at around the two minute mark, an Obama supporter expresses puzzlement at the fact that the federal government has to borrow money. Can’t we just print it? she asks. This is the impenetrable ignorance that the Republicans will have to overcome next year. At the end of the video, “Facebook commands the Palo Alto cops to keep Obama skeptics off its property, but allow Obama fans to approach freely.” Which is emblematic, I guess, of the fact that Obama continues to enjoy the support of the establishment:

What I really like best about the video is that we get to hear “Eve of Destruction.” It’s been a long time, and it is fun to realize that our side now gets to play that tune.


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