In his own engaging style Jay Nordlinger makes a few points we have tried to make here. Here is how Jay says it:

I want to quote this report from Syria: “They opened fire from roof-tops as mourners marched from a mosque to a cemetery . . .” What sort of people would do such a thing, gun down innocents as they march in a funeral procession? Such people can be found in any society, I’m sorry to say. Dictatorships rarely have trouble staffing up.
I will now quote the Telegraph quoting al-Jazeera: “There was a crowd crossing an overpass. They were met by a hail of gunfire. There were incredibly chaotic scenes. It was quite clear that there was a funeral procession — and it was met by gunfire.” Of course.
Where has the United States been, as this evil has been perpetrated? Have we recalled our ambassador, made a fuss at the U.N.? Zero. This Washington Post editorial correctly tells of our national shame.
A final word, for now: When Israel announced the expansion of some housing in its capital, Jerusalem, the Obama administration went nuts. Absolutely nuts. Everyone — president, vice president, secretary of state — was mobilized against Israel.
When the Syrian government mows down unarmed innocents in the streets — nothing. For more than two years now, we’ve seen the worldview of the Obama administration, expressed in foreign policy. Are you sickened yet?

These basic points and incongruities cannot be repeated often enough.


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