Osama bin gone: Netanyahu comments

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows a thing or two about the war being waged by Islamists against the United States. Let’s take a moment to reflect on his comments on the killing of Osama bin Laden administed by the armed forces of the United States on Sunday:

This is an historic day for the United States of America and for all the countries engaged in the battle against terrorism. I want to congratulate President Obama and the American people. I want to congratulate America’s soldiers, and its intelligence personnel for a truly outstanding achievement. It took ten years to track Osama bin Laden down. It took ten years to bring a measure of justice to his victims.
But the battle against terrorism is long and relentless and resolute. This is a day of victory – a victory for justice, for freedom and for our common civilization.

For a deeper understanding of the war in which we are engaged, Netanyahu’s comments can be contrasted with those of the leader of Hamas in Gaza.