Osama bin gone: Muslim Brotherhood comments

Sami al-Abasi notes at Pajamas Media that the Muslim Brotherhood has issued one statement on the death of bin Laden in English for foreign consumption and another in Arabic for its native followers. Al-Abasi observes that the statement refers to the killing of “Sheikh” Osama bin Laden, using an honorific title, and condemns the attack as an assassination. Al-Abasi posts a translation of the statement in its entirety here.
With the removal of Hosni Mubarak as president of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is on the ascendant in Egypt. Coincidentally, Jeffrey Goldberg and Eric Trager elaborate on “the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood (not to mention Hamas).” The will to illusion is great among the powers-that-be in the Obama administration, but the comments of the Islamist forces on the death of bin Laden has made their true nature hard to miss. As Trager puts it in his post on the Muslim Brotherhood Arabic-language statement: “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood sticks with bin Laden.”