Uncommon Knowledge with Michael Totten

Last week we posted Peter Robinson’s interview with Michael Totten. Given our format, the interview rotated off the site after a few days. We’ll have another installment of Uncommon Knowledge next Wednesday. In the meantime, here is the interview with Totten, once more once, after a brief introduction.
Michael J. Totten is the independent foreign correspondent who has established his reputation on the Internet. In 2006 he was named Blogger of the Year by The Week for his Middle East reportage. He now blogs for Pajamas Media at his self-named site. One senses in his work that he is his own man, toeing nobody’s line but his own.
Totten is a former resident of Beirut and the author of The Road to Fatima Gate: The Beirut Spring, the Rise of Hezbollah, and the Iranian War Against Israel. Published last month, the book is (per Amazon’s description) a first-person narrative account of revolution, terrorism, and war during history’s violent return to Lebanon after fifteen years of quiet — one part war correspondence, one part memoir, and one part road movie.
Peter Robinson recently sat down with Totten to discuss the events covered in the book. The fate of Lebanon is a key to the Middle East. It leads to Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. This timely interview contributes to a deeper understanding of unfolding events. Through our arrangement with the Hoover Institution, we are pleased to present the interview in its entirety. Please check it out.


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