Andrew Breitbart: The CBS interview

At Power Line we usually hear from Brian Montopoli when he is seeking to publicize newsworthy video clips on behalf of However, Montopoli neglected to alert us to his own interview of my buddy Andrew Breitbart occasioned by Andrew’s new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World.
I learned of the interview via Ed Driscoll, who linked to the video clip below while holding down the fort at Instapundit along with Ann Althouse, Kenneth Anderson, and Michael Totten. Glenn Reynolds is on vacation and he has assembled the blogger equivalent of a supergroup to fill in for him.
Montopoli has posted his account of the interview at CBS’s Political Hotsheet. Montopoli’s account also includes video clips with the rest of the interview. Montopoli has done a good job asking questions that are tough but fair and letting Andrew have his say.


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