Thousands of Minnesotans Rally Against Liberalism

I didn’t make it over to the State Capitol in St. Paul today, but thousands of Minnesotans did, to rally against increased taxes and spending. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

The annual springtime ritual on the Minnesota State Capitol lawn known as the tax cut rally morphed a bit Saturday into a budget-cutting rally, as well.
“A lot of people in Washington need to hear your voices loud and clear,” U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack, R-Minn., told thousands of people spread out across the green on a sun-splashed afternoon. “It is not that Americans are taxed too little. It’s the United States government spends too much.”
Members of the crowd — self-identified Republicans, Tea Partiers, libertarians and conservatives — roared in approval.
A May institution for more than a decade, Saturday’s rally, which also featured U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, had a dose of triumphalism, with attendees still reveling in the GOP’s shellacking of Democrats in Washington, D.C., and the Minnesota Legislature last November.

All four of Minnesota’s Republican Congressmen attended the rally, but the lovely Michele Bachmann was the headliner:
The Star Tribune took this photo of the crowd:
The Tea Party movement, loosely named, has been biding its time lately. But, contrary to the hopes of the establishment Left, the energy is still there, just waiting for the proper moment to re-emerge.


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