The Right Honorable Brian Mulroney…

…was the speaker at this year’s Annual Dinner of the Center of the American Experiment in Minneapolis. Mulroney was Prime Minister of Canada from 1984 until 1993. A close colleague and supporter of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, he was both a witness to, and a participant in, some of the most dramatic events of the later 20th century. The Center’s web page promoting the event is here.
For, I think, the sixth year in a row, I served as Master of Ceremonies. It’s a great role: the less you do, the better the audience likes it. We got to participate in an informal, small group session with Mulroney before the main speech. A natural story-teller, Mulroney was both hilariously funny and intensely interesting. His main speech was very good as well, with a strong focus on free trade as well as entertaining anecdotes of the days when he was caught up in the great events that led to the fall of Communism.
As always, the evening was a great deal of fun. We saw many old friends, and one of the main topics of conversation was the Power Line Prize, which many in the crowd had already heard about. If you live within driving distance of the Twin Cities and have never attended a CAE Annual Dinner, you should consider putting together a table next year. It is always in the spring; if you check the Center’s web site you can find out the date and who the speaker will be.


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