Power Line Prize Update

On Sunday, we announced the Power Line Prize: $100,000 to whoever can best and most creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis. The contest page, with rules, etc., is here. Entries must be submitted by July 15, so if you are a creative type, it is time to get to work.
We are assembling a blue-ribbon panel of judges to decide the contest. We are delighted to announce that Hugh Hewitt will be on the judges’ panel. Hugh has a suggestion for Speaker John Boehner:

It has been seven months since the House GOP won its mandate. How much selling of its agenda have you seen? When did you last see John Boehner on Sean Hannity’s show or heard Eric Cantor on with Mark Levin or Michael Medved? You will hear Paul Ryan on my show today because Ryan gets it, and works the issue again and again and again.
Here’s a suggestion for the Speaker. If he gave even a two minute speech in which he mentioned the Powerline Prize as exactly the sort of thing this country needs, he would publicize a vehicle for the ideas that the GOP needs to sell, thus using his office to empower the idea team of the vast new media.
That’s a single, two minute investment that would pay enormous dividends by prompting hundreds if not thousands of entries in a competition designed to illuminate the enormity of the fiscal crisis, each one of which engages teams of people and those they influence in the consideration of the issues and ideas that the Speaker is trying to sell. There are scores of other such “force multipliers” out there. Where in the world is the creative team?

More information on judges to come.