Climate Change’s Bad Rap

As opinion polls showing continued erosion in public belief in climate catastrophe, the climate campaign ratchets up its own form of “denial,” attributing their un-hideable decline to a “communications” problem. Yeah, that’s the problem–people just haven’t heard enough facts about global warming to get with the program.
So the latest attempt to break through to the masses is the rap video below featuring climate scientists and enough f-bombs to make it “authentic” I guess. This is sure to turn the tide, maybe even propel Al Gore to the White House.
The funny part is that this slickly produced video comes from an Australian outfit called “Hungry Beast,” and lo and behold, if you nose around their other YouTube video inventory for a little while, you find the second video below, which is a sharp attack on wind power. Oops.
No wonder the climate campaign is losing. They can’t keep their story straight.