Law & Order: OMB, Canceled Before the Pilot Screens

So I eagerly turned to the Washington Post Outlook section this morning to see who, indeed, would be selected for the “Worst Week” award, and I guess there shouldn’t have been any suspense: Newt is the runaway winner. I still say the whole thing was Newtworld’s oblique attempt to get the media behind him: anyone who offers copy this good must be kept in the race.
Along the way, though, there is this wonderful piece in Outlook from TV producer Rob Long, looking over the Republican field from the standpoint of a network reviewing TV pilots. He says that Mitt Romney is “like the show that comes on between the two shows you want to see. He’ll do, of course, if you can’t find the remote or there’s nothing on the DVR, but you’re more likely to make a quick sandwich or let the dog out than sit on the sofa and watch.”
Mitch Daniels, he says, could be compared to “Law & Order: OMB,” but don’t laugh–that boring formula might work.
Except that it looks this morning as though Daniels isn’t going to run. This leaves a big hole in the field I think, though right now Pawlenty looks better and better. Coincidentally, I saw my first “Ryan for President 2012” bumper sticker on a car yesterday. I expect Daniels’ decision will increase the pressure on Ryan to consider getting in later this year; ditto for Chris Christie.


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