How to Save Medicare

Medicare is heading for collapse, as all well-informed citizens know. The question is what to do about it. Democrats welcome the collapse, and have incorporated it as part of their strategy to force socialized medicine on unwilling Americans. Republicans, for better or worse, are trying to save the Medicare program in something like its present form. Paul Ryan explains in this excellent video, released yesterday:

Is saving Medicare a good idea? I personally am not crazy about the program, but in my view, the best thing about the House Republicans’ approach is that it goes a long way toward restoring patient choice and market competition to our health care system. That won’t just benefit senior citizens, it will benefit everyone.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though anyone other than Paul Ryan is going out of his way to make the case. Ryan must be feeling a lot like this guy:
Let’s give him some help.
UPDATE: That isn’t quite fair. Jeff Sessions has done a good job of supporting Ryan and the House Republicans, and no doubt there are a few others. But not enough.