Who Looked Presidential, as a High School Student? (Bumped, With Results)

The Atlantic had photos of a number of the Republican presidential candidates when they were in high school. That gave me an idea for a poll: here are photos of eight of the candidates as high school students. Which one, at that age, looked the most like a future president? I have not attached names to the photos so you will not be biased by your present opinions of the candidates, but in some cases it will be obvious who the candidate is. In other instances, not. Here they are:
1) HighSchool004.jpg
2) HighSchool0065.jpg
3) HighSchool056.jpg
4) HighSchool0014.jpg
5) HighSchool055.jpg
6) HighSchool0042.jpg
7) HighSchool018.jpg
8) HighSchool009.jpg
So here is the poll:

UPDATE: With over 5,500 votes cast, the poll is closed. Candidate number 6 won in a landslide with 48% of the votes cast. Number 6 is Mitt Romney. No surprise there; if you saw him in elementary school, he probably looked like a future president. The candidate with the fewest votes was number 2, Rick Santorum, who picked up just 1.7% of the total votes. No offense, Rick, but I’m not sure what that 1.7% were thinking. Second place, far behind Romney, was a virtual tie between candidate number 5 and candidate number 4. Number 5 is Herman Cain. The photo is taken from a “Most Likely to Succeed” page in his yearbook, and he does indeed look like a young man who is going places. Candidate number 4 is, of course, me. I think the vote total must reflect a little ballot box stuffing, although I swear I’m not the guilty party.
So there you have it. One more reason why Mitt Romney’s nomination is regarded in some quarters as inevitable.