Weinergate: Let’s Put Things In Perspective!

At the height of the Weinergate crisis, Anthony Weiner liked to point out that his Twitter/Facebook peccadilloes were small potatoes compared to issues like the national debt. That is true, of course, although no one thought that was a key point when Mark Foley and Chris Lee got caught on Twitter, Craigslist, etc. But there is a broader point to the Weiner fiasco: why would we entrust ever more of our money, our independence, and control over our lives to politicians, many of whom, like Weiner, are depraved?
Michael Ramirez puts Weinergate in perspective; click to enlarge:
Obscene tweets are the least of the Democratic Party’s sins.
UPDATE: A commenter writes:

The “model” used for Congress looks like it could be the impossible love child of Barney Frank and Kim Jong Il.

An appalling thought, but the commenter has a point, aesthetic as well as political.
FURTHER UPDATE: Another commenter writes:

“Click to enlarge” Really? Good God, who would do that!

Which reminds me: we all owe a debt of gratitude to Andrew Breitbart for keeping Weiner’s most egregious photo-shares to himself!


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