Long Live High School English Teachers

Yesterday there was a demonstration at the White House, ostensibly on behalf of the environment. This photo is of an actress–I’d never heard of her–who was one of the demonstrators, via the New York Post:
The thing about this photo is that the dumbest element isn’t the misspelling. It is the silly idea that “corporate greed” is “destroying the planet.” Corporations aren’t greedy. They have a legal duty to try to make money for their shareholders, and they do so in a wide variety of legal ways. I don’t know how, specifically, this particular dim bulb thinks “corporations,” which is to say all of us, are destroying the planet, but I suppose it involves drilling for petroleum so we can drive cars rather than riding in horse-drawn buggies, or mining coal so that when we flip a switch in our home or office, a light will go on.
I second something that Steve Hayward wrote this morning:

The environment is much too important to be left to environmentalists. They’ll just make an even bigger mess of everything, like they have on climate change.

That is exactly right. These people aren’t smarter than the rest of us, they are dumber.


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