Smiling through the apocalypse

Amid a gloomy economic landscape, the folks at CafePress write with news of a business boom:

Everyday Americans are getting in on the Anthony Weiner pun writing game by expressing their witticisms through T-shirt designs on, the go-to site for customizable merchandise. Within minutes of Weiner’s press conference confession on Monday, people were already creating Weinergate designs on CafePress – and now there are nearly 3,500 Weiner-themed products available on the site as amused citizens continue to react to this latest political gaffe.

Find an assortment of these salacious product designs here along with data on how other infamous philanderers from Capitol Hill stack up on CafePress. Striking the perfect balance between good taste and impropriety is the Weinergate T-shirt that proclaims: “Certitude with a smile.”
UPDATE: This pie chart shows the proportion of merchandise sold by CafePress that relates to each recent sex scandal. Bill Clinton remains the undisputed champion, even though CafePress post-dates his administration. John Edwards currently ranks second, but Weiner is off to a fast start and could be a contender one day: