It Has Been Too Long Since the Last Beauty Pageant

Historically, we (I, actually) have covered two beauty pageants each year–Miss World and Miss Universe. They are the two biggest pageants in the world, and their international flavor makes them especially interesting. It has been a while, however, since we have followed the world of pageantry. The Miss Universe pageant was in August, and we covered it here and elsewhere. Miss World, however, was in the fall, when I was fully occupied trying a case in another state, so we missed it altogether.
It will be a while before the big international pageants roll around again, so in the meantime it wouldn’t hurt to take note of the Miss USA contest, which concludes a week from Sunday in Las Vegas. The betting favorites, at the moment, are Miss California, Miss South Carolina and Miss Indiana. Here are the three top contenders, in that order; click to enlarge:
A quick look suggests that there are many other strong candidates for the title. This photo of some of the contestants is courtesy of the Miss USA organization. Hey, there are some perks that go with having a web site!
More to come.