Power Line Prize Update

At Big Hollywood, Kurt Schlichter plugs the Power Line Prize:

In the battle for the soul of our country, popular culture is the biggest guy in the room. And it’s time that conservatives took a swing. The Powerline Prize contest is a potential haymaker in one of the most important battles of our campaign. …
[M]ockery – while necessary and awesome – is not enough. We need to get into that world – into all of the creative worlds – and compete. That’s the lesson the ubiquitous Ben Shapiro teaches in his bestselling new book on TV, “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV,” and that seems to be the intent of the Powerline Prize contest.

It is, indeed. If you are creative, go here and learn how you can win $100,000 by creating a video, painting, screenplay, song, or any other art work that dramatizes the severity of the federal debt crisis. The contest closes July 15. Someone is going to win $100,000; it might as well be you. Or, if you are not a creative sort, pass the invitation along to someone who is.