Auf Weinersehen!

Anthony, we hardly knew ye. Word is that Anthony Weiner will resign from Congress shortly. Instead of spending his evenings denouncing Republicans on cable TV, he can look forward to long nights at home with Huma, drinking tea. Lotsa luck, bro.
We have had as much fun at Weiner’s expense as anyone, but let me offer one serious observation on the occasion of his departure: one unfortunate consequence of low-rent scandals like Weinergate is that they tend to confirm the cynical view that many–I’m afraid, most–Americans have of Congressmen.
The truth is that most Congressmen are neither corrupt nor perverted. Many are smart and hard-working; some, like my own Congressman and friend John Kline, deserve the honorable title of public servant. When a bad egg like Duke Cunningham or a goofball like Anthony Weiner dominates the news, it too often stimulates a spirit of resignation–“they all do it.” The reality is, they don’t all do it. There is a huge difference between the good Congressmen and the bad ones, and news stories like Weinergate should make us all the more determined to support good politicians, and weed out the bad ones.


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