Miss USA Final Preview

The Miss USA pageant concludes tomorrow night. It is perhaps worth mentioning that Miss USA, along with the Miss Universe pageant, is Donald Trump’s greatest contribution to civilization.
Our pageant coverage seems to have inspired other hard news outlets to follow suit. Thus, Business Insider has a piece on the current betting odds. We have already posted photos of most of the favorites here and here. Miss California remains the favorite, but I am more convinced than ever that this year’s contest will be won by an underdog.
A couple of newcomers have come on strong in the betting. One is MIss Alabama:
Another is Miss Arizona:
By the way: we welcome Business Insider’s interest in pageantry, but they have a ways to go. They have not yet figured out how to download official pageant photos so as to eliminate the annoying Miss USA watermark.
This year, you can vote for your favorite contestant by going here. One of the semifinalists will be chosen via popular vote. If you want to get to know the contestants before casting your ballot–that is, see them talking as opposed to posing–you can view short videos of all of them here. I only watched a few, but found them less than illuminating.
Tomorrow night the suspense will be over. The pageant finale begins at 9:00 Eastern on NBC.


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