“Signs of Progress”? Oh-oh

Scott has been covering in detail the current budget impasse in Minnesota. Our Republican legislature enacted budget bills that would increase spending over the past biennium. Governor Mark Dayton, however, wanted even bigger spending increases, so he vetoed the spending bills. As a result, a government “shutdown” impends. Based on experience, I don’t see anything to fear in such a “shutdown;” I’m not sure I would notice it. But local media have followed events breathlessly.
Today the Minneapolis Star Tribune headlined: “Signs of progress in budget cliff-hanger.” We all know what that means:

Meanwhile, a growing number of Republican lawmakers say they are willing to support some form of increased revenue to help secure an agreement between DFLer Dayton and the GOP legislative leaders, who have huddled in closed-door negotiations much of the past two days.

A generation’s worth of experience has convinced many conservatives of a sad proposition: you can vote for smaller government, but you can’t get it.


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