Game of Thrones

I have a demanding job, a wife and four kids, and a web site. So I don’t watch much television. Still, now and then I run across something I like, like Rome a few years ago on HBO. We let our HBO subscription lapse because we weren’t watching it, but then I saw this post by Jonah Goldberg at The Corner on Game of Thrones:

I really like it. I think if I was 14, I would consider this the greatest TV series in the history of history.

What better recommendation than that, even for those who were last 14 some years ago?
Jonah did express one reservation about the series: the writers seem obliged to include at least one sex scene in each episode. Hmm. Hmm. That is the down side? I decided to take my chances.
Sure enough, Game of Thrones is an amazing amount of fun. I have now watched six of the first season’s ten episodes, and am thoroughly addicted. I had never heard of the book on which the series is based, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, but it is classified as fantasy. That is not a genre that I generally favor. I would put Game of Thrones in the “faux-medieval” category: in other words, lots of willing suspension of disbelief but no mythical animals (not unless those dragon eggs hatch, anyway).
I have watched all six episodes on my iPad, using HBO’s sensational HBOGo app. Dire as things may seem at times, the world is definitely getting better in some respects. If only, as Glenn Reynolds has often said, other aspects of our culture and political life could advance comparably to consumer electronics. Consumer electronics, of course, is a competitive space driven by free choice on the part of both producers and consumers. Go figure!
One warning: Jonah–a reliable source, as always–was right about the fact that Throne’s characters, fictional though they may be, have an almost human-like fondness for sex. The scene that Jonah singled out for disapprobation featured this actress:
As always: we report, you decide.


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