A word from Adam Bellow

Adam Bellow is executive editor at the Broadside Books imprint of HarperCollins. Adam writes:

Dear friend of Power Line:

Scott Johnson has graciously invited me to let you know that our Fourth of July symposium is now live at the Broadside Books website. In the Harrison Ford film Regarding Henry, about the redemption of a high-powered litigator who survives being shot in the head, a colleague fondly recalls how Ford’s character used to sweep out of the office, briefcase in hand, crying, “Come on guys, let’s go break some balls!” It is very much in that spirit that we have invited some of our friends in the conservative movement to submit brief responses to the question, “What Next in the War Against Liberalism?”

As publishers, we are eager to press the attack, and we rely on our extended community—including you!—for suggestions and advice. Please visit the link above and feel free to comment on the entries we have collected so far. Another batch of responses will be posted next week, and the symposium will continue on a rolling basis for as long as there is interest. We also invite you to submit your own suggestions for new lines of attack at [email protected].

Have a great Independence Day weekend.

Among the symposium contributors so far are Glenn Reynolds and Amity Shlaes. Please check it out.


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