Are you with me, David Wu?

The Oregonian reported late Friday night that the office of Rep. David Wu (D.-Ore.) received a call from a distraught young lady complaining of an “unwanted sexual encounter” with Wu. The young lady is the teen-age daughter of one of Wu’s friends and campaign contributors. Wu has a defense to the charge that he forced himself on the young lady. She says she was the victim of sexual assault; Wu says the sex was consensual.

Wu says he will stand down for reelection, but that may not be good enough to quell the concerns among Wu’s Democratic colleagues in the House. Both Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel have called for the House ethics committee to investigate Wu. They would prefer that Wu be gone now.

The story gives us an opportunity to quote the classic Steely Dan song:

Are you with me Doctor Wu
Are you really just a shadow
Of the man that I once knew
Are you crazy are you high
Or just an ordinary guy
Have you done all you can do

Good questions all.


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