CRB: “The chosen one”

Angelo Codevilla once made a perfect score on the Foreign Service examination, and then did the only decent thing by refusing to enter that service. This continued a career of controversial and insightful thought and action that had begun when he was a baby. And so now, this enfant terrible grown up, he reviews six books about Barack Obama at his various and disputed stages of life, some autobiographical (their authorship unclear) and some by others. If you have read Professor Codevilla you know to expect powerful arguments and controversy. If you have read Barack Obama, or much about him, you might imagine what happens when Angelo writes about him. That is what he does in the review/essay “The chosen one.”

Professor Codevilla’s essay “America’s ruling class — and the perils of revolution” became a sensation upon publication last year in the American Spectator. He turned his American Spectator essay into the book America’s Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It, with a foreword by Rush Limbaugh.

Professor Codevilla’s review/essay is the second of four pieces that we are previewing from the new summer issue of the Claremont Review of Books Faithful Power Line readers know that the CRB is my favorite magazine. If you love to read and if you lean conservative, it is tailor-made for you. A subscription to the CRB costs less that $20 a year. Subscribe here and get immediate online access to the entire issue thrown in.