In Which I Intrude on Scott’s Music Beat

Having done a rather poor job of trying to fill Paul’s shoes on the Power Line sports beat, today I’ll live even more dangerously by treading on Scott’s territory as music observer.  If you like Irish and folk fiddle, check out the video below of Darol Anger, Emy Phelps, and Bruce Molsky, doing a medley at a recent performance at . . . my house!

Just how did this happen?  Credit the Skeptical Spouse (as she is known under our roof), who, when not working to unravel McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulation thread-by-thread,* is studying Scottish folk fiddling under the tutelage of Alasdair Fraser, through whom she got to know Darol and Emy.  You can learn more about Darol (and order CDs!) at his website.  And there’s more YouTube videos posted from our intimate house concert on the Skeptical Spouse’s YouTube channel.  (I suspect Scott will like this set of Ry Cooder tunes.) P.S. Here’s the Amazon page for the album Darol and Bruce mention in the video.

* From Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion in Citizens United (p. 48):

When neither party defends the reasoning of a precedent, the principle of adhering to that precedent through stare decisis is diminished. Austin abandoned First Amendment principles, furthermore, by relying on language in some of our precedents that traces back to the Automobile Workers Court’s flawed historical account of campaign finance laws, see Brief for Campaign Finance Scholars as Amici Curiae; Hayward, 45 Harv. J. Legis. 421.



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