Photos of the Day

I’m not sure whether Life magazine still publishes in print, but they apparently hire photographers, because they have a beautiful iPad application. The iPad is the greatest way I know of to view photos and videos, and Life has some of the best pictures, including a gallery of news photos that they publish every day. Usually they are just fun or interesting, occasionally noteworthy from a political perspective. Here are three pictures from today’s gallery.

This one is of a ship participating in Kieler Woche, the world’s largest sailing event in Kiel, Germany. Click to enlarge:

This is a bird drinking out of a fountain in Madrid:

This one is of a Greek demonstrator, who apparently thinks that he and other Greeks should spend German money forever without having to pay it back. Note his gas mask: when you see news photos of Greek demonstrators, an amazing number of them are wearing gas masks. This is odd, isn’t it? In Greece, do they sell gas masks in supermarkets or hardware stores? Did the demonstrators order thousands of them from some international outlet? Where do you go to place a bulk order for gas masks? Who paid for them? There is a news story lurking there somewhere, but don’t worry: neither Greece’s reporters and editors nor ours will look into it.


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