PL Prize Countdown: 7…6…5…

The top finishers in the Power Line Prize competition are being posted around the web. Number seven, called “Fiscal Child Abuse,” is a video submitted by the Independence Institute in Colorado. It features three young girls who want to start a lawsuit; it is funny, and is one of my favorites in the competition. Roger Simon of Pajamas Media has posted the video.

Number six was Hugh Hewitt’s favorite entry in the competition. It is not exactly high-tech, but it does a great job of explaining the arithmetic behind the debt crisis in a simple, understandable way. It was submitted by Joey DeSena and we call it “Pool.” Why? Because he is standing in a swimming pool. Hugh has posted Pool here.

Number five was submitted by the Young Cons, two rappers (and basketball players) from Dartmouth. Their video features lots of quick cuts as they interview students and a soldier. The cons themselves take the stage at the end. It is an impressive piece of work that rivets your attention even though it was one of the longer videos in the competition. Where can you see it? Courtesy of Andrew Breitbart and John Nolte at Big Hollywood, of course.

These were three excellent entries in the PL Prize competition, but they finished just out of the money. Still, they, along many other entries, make a great contribution to understanding the debt debate. We encourage you to take all of the entries, including these three videos, and do anything you want with them. Embed them on your web site; post them on Facebook; email them to your friends; tweet them. Different people like and are motivated by different works of art. If one of these videos seems especially persuasive or entertaining to you, please share it.


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