Power Line Prize Deadline Looms

As you know if you have been paying attention, the deadline for entries in the Power Line Prize competition is midnight tonight. Entries in any format that seek to draw attention to the federal debt crisis are welcome.

When we kicked off the contest, I expected that we would hardly get any entries at all until the last 48 hours. As it happened, quite a few people sent their products in early, either electronically or by mail. As of two days ago, we had over 100 entries. Now, they are flooding in, as we had anticipated. The winning entry will receive a $100,000 grand prize; the runner-up will get $15,000, and two third-place finishers will receive $5,000 apiece. The awards will be voted on by our blue-ribbon panel of judges.

We have gotten quite a few videos, as we expected. Some are excellent. A number of songs have come in, some together with video. We have gotten screenplays, poems, limericks, essays, power points, cartoons, a short story or two, and a surprising (to me) number of paintings. One group is staging an “event” on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook that culminates in creating 100 videos about the debt crisis in the contest’s last 24 hours. So it is going on now.

If you have been working on an entry, it is time to finish it and get it submitted. If you haven’t been working on one, it is time to get going. You can get all of the details, including contest rules and instructions on submitting your work product, at the Power Line Prize web site. The Power Line Prize is co-sponsored by the Freedom Club.