Power Line Prize Update

The days are dwindling down to a precious few, as the deadline for Power Line Prize entries is July 15. Go here for all the details on the contest. We will award $100,000 to whoever best conveys the seriousness of the federal debt crisis, or a specific aspect of the debt crisis, in any artistic medium: song, video, painting, Power Point, essay, screenplay, or anything else you can come up with. Three smaller prizes will also be awarded.

We have already gotten quite a few entries, some of them very good, but don’t be discouraged. If you have finished your entry, or if you finish it before July 15, we suggest that you not wait to send it in. Rather, submit it when it is done, or, in any event, a day or two ahead of the deadline. The email box where you send your entry does not have any download limit, but if hundreds of people are trying to submit their songs, videos, paintings, etc., simultaneously on July 15, it could be a problem. So when your entry is complete, please go ahead and send it in. Also, bear in mind that you can mail your entry in physical form to the contest mailbox.

We have assembled a top-notch panel of judges to award the prizes: Hugh Hewitt, Andrew Breitbart, John Ondrasik, Glenn Reynolds, Roger L. Simon, Mary Katharine Ham, and–most recently–Alexandra Johnson, the youngest member of the panel, who will be a freshman at Dartmouth next year. We are expecting to name one more judge–someone youthful, to help balance out the middle-aged lawyer contingent–in the next day or two.

The issue could hardly be more critical. This chart, by Daniel Indiviglio of The Atlantic, shows the debt owed by each American citizen in inflation-adjusted dollars from 1918 to the present. It illustrates with frightening clarity what a disaster the Obama administration has been:

So, even if you haven’t been planning on entering the PL Prize contest, please consider putting your creativity to work, or urging others you know to do so. The time to stop out-of-control federal spending is now.


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