Shut down the Star Tribune

In the budget standoff leading to the shutdown of the Minnesota state government, the army of reporters at the Minneapolis Star Tribune has played a bizarre role. The army first devoted itself to the catastrophes that would befall us in the event of a shutdown. It worked the hell out of the looming catastrophes until June 30.

On July 1 the army made a transition. Now the Star Tribune is reporting the catastrophes that are befalling us now that the shutdown has taken place. Thus we have today’s story “Shutdown cost will bring sticker shock.” (The rest of the Star Tribune’s shutdown stories are collected here.)

The purpose of these stories is to foment fear and loathing of the Republican-led Legislature that has declined to sign on to the income tax increases maniacally demanded by the highly medicated Governor Dayton. The army of reporters working the shutdown story at the Star Tribune has become a public relations adjunct of the governor’s office. It is pathetic.

The people of Minnesota would be well served by the Star Tribune shutting down in sympathy with the state government. C’mon, guys, how about a little community spirit?

In one sense the Star Tribune reporters have been on a work strike for the duration of the standoff story. They have declined to look around for the evidence suggesting that the shutdown is the consummation devoutly wished by Governor Dayton. It’s out there. You have to work hard to miss it. But it can easily be done, and every day the Star Tribune is showing us how.

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