Weekend Update

Let’s update a few items from this week.  Carmageddon has begun in Los Angeles, and it looks like my prediction that this would be a big nothingburger of an event has come true already.

Glenn Reynolds kindly linked to my long post on gay marriage, homing in on the paragraph about the demographic implications of polygamy, but concluding that I should relax because “fembots” are on the way, after which time the biggest social problem will be getting men to marry actual women.  To which I say, borrowing Glenn and Michael Ledeen’s catch phrase, faster please.

And regarding my post yesterday entitled “Spring-Rice Never Met Barack Obama,” which made out Obama to be about a two-year old in his political maturity, I see the Washington Times’ Wesley Pruden thinks exactly the same thing.  Great minds and all that.

Finally, as a weekend diversion, another large pod of whales put on a show right offshore again last night out here on the California central coast.  Here’s a few seconds of spouting and breaching to brighten up a Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately I have to return to Washington tomorrow.