DebtPression, the Game

We have added more videos from the Power Line Prize contest to our YouTube channel, including some we haven’t put up on this site. You can see them there. Now I want to recognize one of the most extraordinary contest entries we received. It didn’t win a prize, even though it was exceptionally creative and well done, because we couldn’t figure out a way to disseminate it.

The entry is a game called “The Great Debtpression.” It was mailed to the Freedom Club’s PO Box. I could hardly believe it when Mike Scholl and I opened the package. I can’t quickly put my hands on the name of the person who created it, but will update when I find it. The game was based loosely on Monopoly and was fully realized, with a printed board, money, cards, and beautiful player tokens. I really can’t imagine how the creator of the game did it. This is a photo of The Great Debtpression laid out on the floor of my library:

It is one of the most impressive pieces of work I’ve ever seen. Here are the rules of the game:

I confess that I haven’t actually played The Great Debtpression yet, but it looks like a fully viable board game. Do we have any executives of game companies among our readers? If so, please get in touch ([email protected]). We would be delighted to license The Great Depression for production.