Don’t They Ever Tire of Hypocrisy?

Hayward’s First Axiom of Environmental Energy holds that there is no source of energy—“clean” or otherwise—that environmentalists won’t oppose if it becomes cheap, practical, and scalable.  So for example the left once favored nuclear power.  There’s a favorable reference to nuclear power in the famous Port Huron Statement, the founding document of the Students for a Democratic Society, but of course Tom Hayden, the principal author of the Port Huron Statement, later became a leading anti-nuclear figure.  Environmental groups currently have dozens of lawsuits in process around the country trying to block proposed wind power projects, and not just off Cape Cod.  As my pal Chris Horner likes to say, you can’t build wind power anywhere birds fly or Kennedys live.

And then there’s solar power.  Most environmentalists say they love solar power, except, apparently, where the sun shines.  From our friends at the Cooler Heads Coalition comes this news item:

Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council this week notified the Interior Department that it will sue to block the Calico Solar Power Generating Facility, a proposed 660 megawatt solar power plant in Pisgah Valley in Southern California. The environmentalist groups allege that the Interior Department violated the Endangered Species Act by failing to adequately account for the project’s possible effect on the desert tortoise, a federally threatened species.