Eric Cantor: “Our country is suffering”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor made some news this week in his interview with James Freeman and Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal. Jennifer Epstein plucked a few of the juiciest quotes from the interview in her Politico story. Epstein omits any reference to Cantor’s account of the debt-ceiling negotiations including Obama, probably because the highlight (“Don’t call my bluff, Eric”) had previously been widely reported. Cantor’s account is nevertheless powerful and fascinating. You are there!

Toward the end of the interview Cantor discusses the economic and fiscal crisis confronting the United States. “Our country is suffering,” he says. Again, this is powerful stuff, topped off with his discussion of his grandmother’s work supporting the family during the Depression after his grandfather died.

The interview runs for 22 minutes. Cantor comes across throughout as a reliable witness and a genuine person. The interview warrants viewing in its entirety. This is worth your time.

UPDATE: Via RealClearPolitics I see that Journal editorial board member Joseph Rago follows up with Cantor this morning in the Journal’s weekend interview feature “Obama and the narcissism of big differences.”