Given That They Lost Last Week…

…did the Dems turn out today to defend the two Democratic Senators who are being recalled in Wisconsin? As of this moment, the Republican is leading 55-45 in one race with 17% of the vote counted, while in the other, the Democrat is hanging on to his seat 52-48 with 22% counted. Go here to follow the results as the night wears on.

UPDATE: In District 12, Democrat Jim Holperin has upped his lead over Republican Kim Simac to 55-45 with 32% of the votes in.

MORE: Oops. With 26% counted, District 22 is moving in the wrong direction, with the Republican now up by only two points, 51-49.

GOOD NIGHT: It’s not quite over, but close: it would have been nice top capture one of these, but the bottom line is that the GOP holds Wisconsin’s Senate despite untold millions of ill-gotten union money flowing into the state. Let’s just hope that the ladies from Maine don’t have a cousin in Wisconsin!


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