If Ordinary Americans Acted Like President Obama…

Michael Ramirez imagines an American family that spent all of its money on credit cards. What to do next? Why, emulate President Obama:

Of course, the market would have dropped 400 points today even if Obama were not on vacation. (Actually, if Obama promised to take a permanent vacation the market would probably rebound.) But this summer has been so miserable from an economic standpoint that Obama’s exclusive vacation couldn’t be more ill-timed. People’s views of the president are getting increasingly surly, and there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon that will reverse that trend.

When Mitt Romney, not the world’s greatest humorist, is able to have fun at your expense, you are in trouble. Mitt’s campaign is selling Obama “Magical Misery Tour” tee-shirts:

A president can recover from lots of things, but I am not sure he can recover from being a laughingstock.


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