“It’s unpatriotic”

Overnight on Fox News I saw a video clip of Obama in Fargo campaigning in 2008 against the fiscal irresponsibility of George Bush and intended to track it down this morning, but Glenn Reynolds and Ed Driscoll have saved me the trouble. Glenn comments: “Boy, the 2012 campaign ads just write themselves, don’t they?”

But the video reminds us of a few things about Obama, each of which is obvious but worth noting. His words are cheap. One would be a fool to take anything he says at face value. And for a true believer, he is an extraordinarily cynical politician. Now see this:

For a key to Obama the politician, I don’t think there is anything better than Stanley Kurtz’s Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism. I wrote about Kurtz and his book, and posted a video of Kurtz making his best presentation on the book, in “David Horowitz presents.”

Horowitz wrote of Kurtz’s book: “This indispensable work contains a wealth of previously unpublished research and tells the hitherto missing story of the activists who supported America’s Communist enemies in the Sixties and attempted to ‘bring the war home’ through violence in the streets, and who learned through their defeats to pursue the same destructive agendas through stealth and infiltration, and have emerged behind Obama as the dominant force in the Democratic Party.” The “activists” to whom David referred are Obama’s friends and mentors, and his comments illuminate the the video of Obama above as well as Kurtz’s book.