Let’s Put the Huntsman Campaign Out of Its Misery

I have no idea why Jon Huntsman is running for president, nor do I understand why he is running as a Republican: as I noted last night, Huntsman’s chief strategist says that Republicans are “a bunch of cranks.”

Huntsman has been going after Rick Perry on global warming, apparently thinking that this is the way to curry favor with Republican primary voters. Given that a substantial majority of Americans (let alone Republicans) are deeply skeptical of AGW alarmism, this thinking is puzzling at best.

Today Huntsman betrayed his ignorance of the subject by sending out this tweet:

Put aside evolution for a moment. (Whatever you think of any of the several versions of that theory, it is unquestionably true, as Perry said, that the theory “has some gaps in it.”) Huntsman says he “trust[s] scientists on global warming.” Really? Which scientists? These scientists, or the goofball alarmists who like to falsify data? If Huntsman really does not know that global warming alarmism is at best a hotly debated theory, he has no business trying to participate in public life.

It is time to pull the plug on the Huntsman campaign, such as it has been.


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