Man without a clue

Terry Jeffrey draws attention to Vice President Biden’s remarks at Sichuan University earlier this week in Chengdu, China. Biden’s remarks weren’t entirely terrible, but they were terribly embarrassing. They were unfocused and incoherent. If Biden were a Republican, well, we would have heard a bit more about them than we have.

Among other things, Biden paid tribute to America’s economic prowess. According to Biden: “The United States is hardwired for innovation. It’s part of our DNA from our earliest days. It has enabled generation after generation of Americans to give life to world-changing ideas — from the cotton gin, to the airplane, to the microchip, to the Internet, to the world-leading companies like General Electric, Ford, Microsoft and Google. And I could go on and on.”

That wasn’t just an idle threat. He not only could go on and on, he proceeded to do so, right into this lowlight from his prepared remarks:

These accomplishments were made possible not because there’s anything unique about an American. It’s hard to define what an American is. Shortly, 50 percent of the American population — less than 50 percent will be of European stock. So we are the most — we are an incredibly heterogeneous nation. That’s part of our strength. That’s part of the boundless capacity of the American people. But it’s also because of the enduring strength of our political and economic system and the way we educate our children, a system that welcomes immigrants from across the globe who enrich our national fabric and revitalize our diverse multi-ethnic society. And I would point out, we are still the destination where most people in the world seek to come. People usually don’t seek to come to a nation in decline.

Not usually! Thanks for clearing that up.

But let us not lose sight of the important point Biden was talking around. What is an American? Joe, before addressing this important subject again, you might want to study up and try to think it through. Why can the Chinese become American but Americans can’t become Chinese? Now don’t go popping off again until you can do better than you did in Sichuan. You’re embarrassing your fellow countrymen.

As Biden’s boss likes to say, let there be no mistake. Here is a man with nothing to say, but the ability to say it — to advertise it — at great length.


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