People’s Choice #1: Fiscal Child Abuse

As we announced yesterday, there were many excellent entries in the Power Line Prize competition, only four of which won cash prizes. Our readers debated the merits of various entries in comments sections, and a number of entries that were not awarded prizes by our panel of expert judges had a lot of popular support. Hence the People’s Choice Award: $2,000 to whichever non-prize winning entry gets the most votes from our readers.

Based on popular input and the judges’ rankings, we have selected eight entries to compete for the award. The first is Fiscal Child Abuse, a delightful video by Clockwise Media Group in which three little girls go to a lawyer to look into the possibility of starting a lawsuit. It is a cute video; plus, it has outtakes:

Seven more candidates to come. Voting will commence once all of the eight nominees have been posted.

UPDATE: Oh, one more thing: We think these entries can play a role in mobilizing public opinion to force government officials to take serious action against the metastasizing federal debt. So we encourage you to email them to your friends, share them on Facebook, tweet them and post them on your own web sites.